BeautyWhen it comes to Beauty, there is no place for comparison or competition. Each of us is here to express our highest beauty, which no one else’s beauty can diminish.

Beauty has to come from the inside out, so your diet choices and digestion are a primary influence. The way you eat is critical in determining the vitality of your beauty. Everything you put into your body is used to create the foundation on which your cellular structure is built.

Equally important is what you put on your skin.  It is important to know that your skin is the largest organ and it has an incredible ability to absorb everything that is placed on it. For some of you it would be shocking to know that there are over 10,500 chemicals in beauty products, and only 11% of those have been proven as being safe. Even worse, at least 33% of personal care products contain at least one chemical that is linked to cancer! Therefor it is very important to avoid these toxins that can tax your skin and work there way into your inner body, polluting your bloodstream and liver and contributing to the aging process.

MindfullnessSimple daily massage routines when done properly, can soothe your nervous system and create powerfully rejuvenating effects, including a reduction in the stress that contributes to wrinkles. These routines can help your organs actually grow younger and help restore the vitality and “glow” to your skin.

Now, Are you getting enough sleep? Your sleep rhythms are also a very important component of Beauty. Proper sleep patterns enables your blood to flow more efficiently to your skin, which is important for supporting your skin to heal itself daily. It also helps reduce dark under-eye circles and stress. Reduced stress can help improve eating habits and digestion, which in turn can lead to even clearer skin with fewer breakouts.

SprintingAlso doing exercise will help your body promote the natural grace, tone, and beauty. When it comes to movement, balance is the key. You can actually overdo certain types of workouts. Excessive levels of physical exertion can create oxidative stress in your body. So when you’re tracking progress, focus on getting the most tangible, visible results for a toned, fit body, not on total hours spent at the gym.

Non of this can be accomplish without self-love, heart-based living, and a peaceful mind to foster natural beauty from the inside out and increase your natural glow and magnetic presence. Chronic anger, worry, and fear are as acidic and inflammatory to your body as refined junk food. To avoid toxicity from negative emotions, the practice of meditation is the most powerful step you can take. When you meditate, you reach the prime source of beauty. We can call it Spirit, the soul, or the true self. The exact word isn’t important. All that is important is that you begin to cultivate it.

Hope this article has been informative in how to reach both your inner and outer beauty.

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