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Hi friends, today I will speak to you about something we all struggle with. I don’t care how fit or un-fit a person is, there will come a time where you will need some motivation in order to continue with your workouts.

There is tons of information out there in cyber land about the importance of exercise to your health and well being. We all know that we need to exercise, yet most of us don’t. The big problem here is motivation, and how to find the best exercise motivation possible.

Now lets face it, we just don’t feel like forming an exercise habit.

  • We know that it is important and we have to do it
  • Once we start we enjoy it, or at least it’s not a totally hateful experience
  • We sleep much better that night
  • We feel more confident and light headed during the day
  • And we even look forward to the sourness we feel the next day

But yet we still fail to get out of bed or off the couch and start moving.

Now the fact is that it’s much easier to:

  • Spread cold butter on bread
  • House train your pet
  • Fill up a pitcher with a hole in it
  • Bake a cake without backing powder

Than forming an exercice habit. if for some reason you have decided you are not going to exercise then by all means you are not going to exercise, end of story. Now if you really want to get fit, there’s only one sure way to do it: stop pondering on the idea of exercising and don’t wait until you feel like it. Just go out and do it. Many exercise advice focuses on convincing you that you need to work out. But you already know that much. And you know exercise is one of the best things for you. So, if you’re serious about finding the best exercise motivation, here are 5 awesome motivation tips that are guarantee to work:

  1. Would you rather have this happen to you.
  2. Or would you maybe prefer this.
  3. Instead of swearing or promising to stick to a workout regimen, commit to your health the easy way: just commit to putting on your sneakers every time. Really, that is 90% of the battle right there. Don’t think exercising; only think about putting on your sneakers. Do that, and it will instantly be easier to start with the exercising. Even if you only do 10 minutes, at least you did something! I promise you this will work. So commit to just putting on your sneakers .
  4. Ask for encouragement. Feel free to comment on this post. I am completely wrapped up in the idea of helping you reach your exercise and health goals.
  5. Don’t set unattainable goals. People usually set unrealistic goals. We think we could all look like a runway model or a body builder. We then work out a few times, nothing happens, and…we’re back to the couch potato lifestyle. If you’re not really in the habit of  working out, it is harder than you think and that’s okay. It’s actually healthy to accept that. Set smaller, more realistic goals. And please make sure they are small and attainable. Maybe you can start up with 10 sit-ups a day. 5 push-ups. A jog to the end of the block and back. A walk to the store. Get used to simply moving every day and do this for at least a 3 weeks before you add anything new to what ever you decide to do.

I know it’s kind of annoying to start slow and small, because we tend to want big results and we naturally overestimate our abilities and levels of commitment. Hey, depending too much on our capabilities is a huge blessing for the most part – it’s actually part of our DNA! But be cautious with this tendency. You really do need to be gentle and patient with yourself. You really do need to go slow. And by doing this you will get better results by starting small.  So get off that couch, put on your sneakers and start moving.




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    • Basset on July 9, 2017 at 4:09 pm
    • Reply

    it’s actually part of our DNA !
    I always talk to my wife like that , Me and my wife has a different kind of motivation and I keep told her to for get about that and start over and over again.
    we all need encouragement from time to time. Thank you.

    1. Many of the things we do are part of our DNA. They are built into our genes.  The great part is that we can learn to reprogram our genes in order to lead a more Healthier and Happier life.

    • Marlaine on July 16, 2017 at 1:08 am
    • Reply

    It is SO HARD to be motivated to exercise!! You’re so right that it’s easier to do pretty much anything (including house-train a pet) than get into a good routine.
    I’ve never really struggled with weight, so that wasn’t a big motivator (getting thinner for something… not even for my wedding). What finally did it for me – what kicked me into gear finally – was that when my husband and I wanted to try to have kids, my back was clearly not strong enough to handle a pregnancy (lots of disc and muscle issues)… I had to do some serious physio and exercising before our doc said it was safe to go for it. 🙂 Now THAT was a motivator, let me tell you! Thankfully all is well. And exercising regularly is once again… hard. 🙁

    1. Hi Marlaine:  Unlike popular believes you do not have to do strenuous exercises to get into or stay in shape all you have to do is move. Start by taking a stroll around your neighborhood. Maybe you could even turn it into a habit with your husband.  I enjoy so much taking a late afternoon stroll with my wife after dinner, It just sets us up to unwind and have a good evening.

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