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What’s so healthy about Avocado Oil?

Avocado Oil Health BenefitsAvocado is not just a fruit!

Little did I know when I was enjoying the nourishing taste of the Avocado flesh as a child that I might ever encounter its goodness as packed into one single bottle of Avocado oil. So, while digging deep searching for the mysteries within this amazing product, I found that the health benefits avocado oil can offer are no match to any other oil found in the market. That’s amazing, right?

Avocado oil is extracted from the flesh of Avocado fruit, giving the same amount of nutrition and goodness to your everyday dish just as an Avocado fruit would do. With regard to cooking, there’s no oil like Avocado Oil. Light in taste and high in sound monounsaturated fats, it’s stuffed with vitamins and minerals (1), and a great degree of flexibility in everyday usage.

Here are SEVEN great reasons why YOU should give it a try too.

  • An artery cleansing oil

Most of my friends used to say NO to this nutrient rich avocado oil because of their high fat content, and thinking that they have more fat than whatever other organic product. But little did they knew it’s for the most part monounsaturated fat, a healthy kind of fat that increases your HDL (2, 3) levels, or “GOOD” cholesterol levels to enhance the artery & heart well being. The American Heart Association says that, “Monounsaturated fats help diminish “BAD” cholesterol (LDL) levels in your blood and lower your danger of heart disease and stroke”, while discarding all those misconceptions we had in the past about Avocado fats. Avocado oil is said to have the same nutritional value of olive oil thus being called the “Olive oil of Americans”.

So, let’s say YES to Avocado oil!

  • Avocado oil Health BenefitsA perfect natural Anti-ager

Why look for expensive anti-aging cosmetics, when you have this amazing anti-aging formula at hand in your kitchen cupboard? Megan Faletra, an integrative registered dietitian (4) says that avocado oil is loaded with the antioxidants like vitamin E more than olive oil, giving a vast range of skin benefits. Vitamin E will battle against the free radical harm caused by sun rays and exposure to environmental pollutants and help in fighting off wrinkles and reducing the risk of skin cancers. Also, its thick oily texture helps to keep the skin more hydrated and smooth eventually giving you a flawless healthy skin.

  • Boosts the nutritional value of other foods in your diet

You can pair your everyday veggies and fruits with avocado oil to uplift their nutritional value by several folds. To be specific, ones that contain carotenoids (5) (a red or orange pigment present in most plants, with antioxidant properties to increase eye, heart and skin health) like lycopene and lutein, which are found in carrots, spinach, and tomatoes. Since these plant sources are lacking in fat content, combining them with healthy fatty acid rich avocado oil has proven to increase the carotenoid absorption by as high as 15 times (6), reported by one Journal of Nutrition. What’s more, since it’s contains fat; it’ll also enhance the absorption of other fat-dissolvable vitamins like vitamins A, D, and K (mostly found in leafy greens).

Is anyone up for a steamed veggie salad with Avocado oil dressing?

Think smart and eat healthy! Combine our Avocado oil with your everyday meals and extract the maximum nutrition out of what you eat.

  • Avocado Oil Health BenefitsGreat for a silky smooth hair

Both ingesting and massaging your scalp with Avocado oil has proven to give you a long shiny undamaged hair. It can not only enhance the growth of hair, but also increases the shine and texture as well, in addition to repairing and strengthening it, which makes it claim the credit of a natural hair protector (7).

It’s not just about eating the stuff; avocado oil can significantly enhance the appearance and well-being of hair essentially through direct application. Applications of avocado oil as a hair care product are abundant. It can be used as a lotion, to untangle hair, to remove dandruff, as a hair oil and the sky is the limit from there.

  • A belt-shrinker

Never underestimate your belly fat! It’s a far more of a nuisance than just being a belt fastener and it’s one of the major risk factor for type 2 diabetes and heart disease. When I heard that Avocado can reduce belly fat, I was quite confused how a fruit with high fat content could even be considered under the topic of weight loss?

But it seems that researchers have found that supplanting conventional oils that are rich in oleic unsaturated fats (8), with avocado oil can help diminish belly fat. A Penn State research group found that people who expended 40 grams of oils that were rich in oleic acids, for example, avocado oil, brought down belly fat by a normal of 1.6 percent contrasted with the individuals who ingested oleic acid free oil. Moreover, avocado is known to control calorie intake; reported by an investigation published in Nutrition Journal found that people who ate avocado had a 40 percent diminished level of calorie intake in between the meals contrasted with those that did not eat avocado. Combine your daily exercise routing with Avocado oil to boost the results for a flat belly.

  • Natural remedy for arthritis

Did you know that Avocado oil when consolidated with soybean oil, is a potent remedy which has achieved the drug prescription status in France, with the capability of fighting against osteoarthritis? Three studies have proven that an avocado oil-soybean oil mix can help to enhance the side effects related with joint inflammation, particularly in the hips and knees (9, 10, 11).

This is my favorite feature of Avocado oil, though it’s not directly under health benefits. Avocado oil has an unbiased flavor and a super high smoke point of around 500°F (12) (Normal olive oil’s smoke point is around 460°F. EVOO will hit the smoking point at 320°F.). That makes it an incredible go-to for any cooking method, from sautéing to flame broiling. Cold pressed avocado oil has a nutty, rich taste that is a pleasant replacement option to the standard EVOO (13). Despite being a little pricier, delicious taste plus packed nutrient value pays the price off. Try adding a spoonful to your smoothie, showering it over plates of mixed greens or simmered vegetables, or using it instead of olive oil in tahini sauce.

Wow! That’s a lot right? Although these were my favorite ones, Health benefits of Avocado oil are endless.

Till we meet again for another yummy healthy post, boost your health by adding a bottle of Avocado oil to your kitchen cupboard.

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