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7 Natural Beauty Tips – Look Spectacular the Natural Way


Primal Beauty

In todays post I’m going to bring you 7 natural beauty tips that will help you look spectacular while enjoying the Primal-Paleo Living. “But you are a man, what do you know about beauty tips” you might be asking yourself.  Well yes, I am a man but I have a beautiful wife and an amazing daughter, so I think that should give me some credibility on the subject.

So lets get to it with my 7 tips for the Primal Girl, or any girl for that matter.  Even men if they are not to shy can find benefits in these tips as well.

1. Detoxing your skin with a dry brush

Dry brushing, well it means exactly that: you brush your skin with a soft bristle brush before you head into the shower. Dry brushing is an ancient cleansing process that will stimulates the largest organ of elimination – the skin. You would need a large, natural soft bristle-brush. You then begin to brush in a circular motion, starting from the feet and working your way up to your neck. you can use a smaller bristle-brush on your neck and face. This process removes dead skin-cells, increases blood circulation and gently stimulates the lymphatic system. This will leave you looking fresh, firm and glowing, but it also helps your body eliminate toxins faster. I would recommend doing it at night before bed time since it will also make you relax and have a good night’s sleep, Try doing it at least twice a day for best result.

2. Have Dry Skin? Want skin as soft as a baby’s bottom?

Do I have the thing just for you. Its an easy to make scrub that will take you less than 5 minutes. First pour a cup of fine sea salt into a bowl and mix it with avocado oil until the mixture is thick and smooth to touch. Then take the mixture into the shower and massage small amounts of the scrub onto your dry skin. Concentrate on elbows and knees. Once you are done just rinse with warm water. Please do not use soap since you would be washing away the oil if you do. After you finish rinsing just pat dry yourself and let the oil work it’s miracle.

3. Looking for whiter teeth?

The key here is Activated Charcoal, this is charcoal powder that has been treated with oxygen making it a fantastic absorbent of toxic substances. It’s use is recommended for food poisoning, and hangovers among other things and it is also fantastic as an inexpensive teeth whitener. Just pop a capsule in a small bowl then wet a toothbrush, preferably one selected for this process and move around the powder until it forms a black paste. Then rub the paste onto the front of your teeth being careful not to touch your gums and just let it sit there for 3 or 4 minutes. Then brush your teeth with the paste, again being careful not to touch your gums and follow by a good rinse out. Once you have completely rinsed brush your teeth with your favorite tooth paste.  Your teeth will feel smother and look whiter.  For best results try doing it twice a week and you will be surprised with the results.


4. Do you have Frizzy Hair?

Here is a good tip that really works, just put 5 drops of rosehip oil on the palm of your hand and rub your palms together, evenly smooth the oil over the ends of your hair and avoid the roots since it will make your hair look greasy just apply at the ends. I recommend you do this on the days you wash your hair. The hair will stay shinny and frizz-free until the next wash.


5. Looking for a good makeup remover?

Just go to your kitchen and get yourself some avocado oil simply pop a small amount of oil on a cotton pad and wipe your eyes clean first, then take another cotton pad with oil for the rest of your face. The oil works as a carrier agent; gently lifting and removing make-up without drying or irritating your skin.  Once the make up is off rinse your face with warm water and then apply a gentle, natural cream cleanser. Your face will definitely thank you for this.


6. Looking for strong shiny nails and hair?

Look no further, nature has just the right thing for you. It’s called collagen, a protein that is found in bones, tendons and cartilage. You can find it in bone broth or you can take collagen supplements you can mix the powder in your favorite smoothie or in plain water if you prefer with a touch of cinnamon. Another alternative is Great Lakes Gelatine you can just add a table spoon to your favorite smoothies, you can also make dummies of fruit jellies out of it. Gelatine is also known to be healing for the intestines since it is highly bio-available protein thats easy for the body to utilize.  You will see a huge difference in your nails and hair after using collagen.


7. Last but not least is your beauty sleep.

While you sleep, your body is repairing and restoring itself. A good nights sleep ensure a healthy body. So a very good remedy to ensure a good nights sleep is to mix in half a cup of Epson Salt and 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar to a foot soak and mix it all in with hot water. Then just unwind sit back and soak your feet for about 30 minutes and just relax. The vinegar will soften calluses while the Epson Salt will get absorbed through the large pores in the skin of the soles of your feet.  After a while you will feel sleepy so make sure you this just before going to bed.


Well this is it in a nut shell, I hope you have enjoyed these tips and implement them as a natural way of maintaining a beautiful you.  If you have tried any of these recommendations or if you have recommendations of your own please feel free to include them on a comment below.

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