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Primal Master Formula – An Excellent Nutritional Supplement


Primal Master Formula

There are thousands of multivitamins available in the supplement market today, in a broad spectrum of brands and even quality. The truth of the matter is that our busy modern life and time commitments involved involved with both leading a successful professional life and organising a family or personal schedule can make it tough to ensure you get all of the nutrients you need to maintain a healthy and well balanced diet. A supplement like Primal Master Formula could be the solution you are looking for.

Nutritional deficiency is one of the leading causes of illness and health dysfunction in children and adults across the globe, and with long term health effects from a lack of dietary nourishment leading to systemic health disorders like heart disease, diabetes and more, it’s of the utmost importance to take control of your diet as soon as possible.

We know that developing and carrying out a regular dietary plan that includes all of the major food groups that would deliver all of the vital elements the body needs requires a large amount of time and commitment that you or your spouse might not be able to commit to. The simplest and easiest way to ensure your body is getting the nutrition it needs is to supplement your daily diet with a multivitamin supplement.

Now vitamin supplements come in many different shapes, forms, and sizes, and in varying levels of efficiency and quality. Vitamin supplements gives the immune system a much needed boost in addition to supplying the body with all the critical nutrients needed to maintain a healthy body, while protecting it against cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disorders, chronic illness and providing an overall health boost. Selecting the best vitamin supplement for you, however, can be a complicated process.

How To Select The Best Daily Multivitamin Supplement

Many vitamin supplements widely available today provide vitamins in forms that aren’t bioavailable enough for the body to make proper use of them. The bioavailability of a dietary supplement is the ease by which the digestive system can break it down and incorporate it into the cellular structure of the body.

A non-bioavailable nutrient covalently bonded chemical structures that the hydrochloric acid of the stomach cannot break down, these pass through the body without performing any health enhancing functions and acting as a completely inert agent, wasting both your time and money. This is mostly found in supplements that include oxide forms of minerals such as magnesium or potassium.

In an article I read a while back, the author stated that:

“When selecting a vitamin supplement there are several key factors to look for to ensure that you identify the most effective product with maximum bioavailability. The ingredients in your chosen supplement should be backed by peer reviewed clinical science that has demonstrated effectiveness in assisting the body in achieving homeostasis, and should have a clear and concise outline of their intended effects.

The product should include at least 100% of the daily intake of each vitamin in the formula as a bare minimum, but with some vitamins not exceed 250% as excessive vitamin consumption can in some cases have unwanted side effects. Stay away from products with inert fillers, synthetic additives or artificial preservatives, and always ensure you select a product that provides a full breakdown of its constituent elements.”

Does The Primal Master Formula live up to the hype?

The Primal Master Formula helps  support your immune system, maximize your natural hormone production and balance, support normal blood sugar levels, lower stress hormone production, support the healthy structure and function of your brain and nerve cells and, most importantly, help combat oxidative damage in every cell of your body. With over 51 top research-proven ingredients in balanced doses.

Primal Master Formula

The Primal Master Formula is also one of the most bioavailable Vitamins in the market. The higher a vitamin’s bioavailability, the easier it is for your body to absorb. For example, there are two common forms of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine and pyridoxal-5-phosphate). The latter has a higher bioavailability than the former, which is why it is used in the Primal Master Formula. Why then include a vitamin if your body is just going to eliminate most of it due to low bioavailability? Actually you would be literally flushing your money down the toilet.

Besides a large range of vitamins The Primal Master formula also include Phytonutrients and nutraceuticals, these are substances found in plant and food sources, many of which have been extensively studied for their health benefits. For example, Primal Master Formula contains lycopene (a substance found in tomatoes), which has been shown to support eye and skin health. But vitamins aren’t the only nutrient lacking in the modern diet. So when creating Primal Master Formula, they made sure that some of the most well-studied varieties of phytonutrients and nutraceuticals, were provided in optimal doses.

Overall the ingredients found in the Primal Master Formula are of the utmost quality and scientifically proven to be the most bioavailable ingredients today.  There for I highly recommend you get the Primal Master Formula as a complement to your Primal-Paleo Lifestyle.

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