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About Primo PerezHi friends, and welcome to The Primal-Paleo Lifestyle.  My name is Primo Perez, I’m well into my 50’s, happily married with four children ranging in ages from 32 to 23.  I was born and raised in New York City but currently reside in Puerto Rico with my family.

I created this site in order to share with you the qualities and benefits of living a Primal-Paleo Lifestyle.  This was the lifestyle we were created to lead, but due to the modernization process we have somehow lost our way.  I will lead you into this amazing lifestyle and hope that you too will be interested in following the footsteps of our ancestors without having to sacrifice the comforts of modernization.  After all modernization is an important part of our evolution.

I cordially invite you to navigate around the site and get your self acquainted with the material in it including helpful tips, recipes and much, much more.

Yours in Health and Wellness:

Primo Perez

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