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Primal and Paleo – What are the Differences?

MariagePrimal and Paleo is like a marriage. They are two different people which have more things in common than the things that differentiate them. And both feeling mutual love and respect for one another,

The Paleo diet and the Primal Lifestyle are both rooted on similar evolutionary sciences. An introduction would go more or less like this. Our modern diet bears little or no resemblance to that of our ancestors several 100,000 years ago. As a mater of fact since the Agricultural Revolution 10,000 years ago, we have acquired eating habits that our bodies have had a hard time adjusting to.  So when we re-adjust our eating habits to does of our pre-agricultural ancestors, we begin to work once again in favor of our physiology and not against it.

So as you can see the basic fundamental of both Primal and Paleo are the same. And we can find many other similarities in both.

Primal DietThey both believe in:

  • Eating tons of fruits and vegetables
  • Eating lots of protein
  • Avoiding grains
  • Eliminating Gluten
  • Eliminating Corn and all its derivatives
  • Doing away with High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Avoiding Sugars
  • Eliminating all processed foods
  • Enjoying Spirits, Wines and Beer once in a while

Now lets look at the differences which in reality there not that many. But they do serve to differentiate both.

  • I think the most important difference between the two is that the Primal Lifestyle works as a broad, holistic approach to living, not just eating, It also include a range of other factors such as sleep, exercise, social contact, mental stimulation, nature immersion, life fulfillment, light exposure and sun exposure. The Primal Lifestyle encompasses all these factors and turns it from a diet to a lifestyle.  On the other hand Paleo is basically a diet. Even though recently it has also included a holistic approach to its framework.
  • Paleo has an 85% / 15% rule where a person’s daily intake should be 85% fats and protein and 15% carbs from fruits and vegetables only. Primal has an 80% / 20% rule where the daily intake should be 80% fats and protein and 20% carbs from fruits, vegetables, with some dairy or legumes once in a while.
  • Paleo avoids dairy and all it’s derivative products. While Primal will let you enjoy raw, fermented dairy especially from grass-fed animals such as aged cheeses once in awhile.
  • Paleo avoids saturated fats and limit their intake of fatty meats, eggs and butter. Primal eaters are not afraid of saturated fats, and eggs are enjoyed freely.
  • Paleo avoids soy but Primal accepts fermented soy products and organic edamame.
  • Paleo avoids the intake of legumes but Primal allows for occasional intake of legumes
  • Paleo avoids coffee since in scientific terms is considered a legume. Primal encourages the consumption of coffee.

As you can see there are some differences between the two but the basic principal in both is the same.  If you are looking to start a Paleo diet maybe you should consider starting off with Primal and then work your way up to Paleo from there.

Hope you have enjoyed the article. If you have any questions or maybe need additional information go ahead an leave a comment and I will respond as soon as possible.

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