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Today I’m going to write about the Primal Lifestyle.  As a mention in the “The Primal-Paleo Lifestyle” page, this lifestyle is like going back to basics without losing the comforts of our modern world.  This lifestyle incorporates three main components: Diet, Exercise and Mindfulness.

Now let me try to break these down for you.



This healthy diet will incorporate well sourced, organic and whole, unprocessed food such as fresh vegetables and leafy greens, grass-fed meat, pasture raised free-range poultry, wild-caught fish, and pesticide-free nuts and fruits on occasion. This lifestyle is all about combining these fresh and awesome ingredients in ways that create a phenomenal meal the not only taste great but also stimulates our metabolism to guarantee we get the best nutritional value to fuel our body and brain with the abundance of energy we need to optimize our daily lives.



Exercise is important, but to make sure we are getting the right amount is also equally important. We also need to be enjoying what we do,  If we are not enjoying it, we will not be able to stick to the routines. By exercising we are not referring to just hitting the weights or the treadmill, we mean moving your body physically in ways that are enjoyable to you.  This could include Yoga, walking the dog kicking the ball in the park, swimming or even the weights and the treadmill.  Just make sure to move in way that are entertaining and enjoyable to you.  Remember to include rest days in between because the recovery part is also very important.



Good nutrition and adequate exercise leads to a health tummy. a happy brain, and a strong heart. Fuel your body in a way that would support you doing what you love, be it work, moving, resting or playing. The primal lifestyle is about being positive mindfully aware of where your food is coming from and respectful of not only ourselves but of others and our environment. To adapt the Primal way is to obtain a lifestyle that will help you achieve a healthier and happier life so that you can be the best you can be every day.

Hopefully this will serve as and introduction to the Primal-Paleo Lifestyle and will awake your curiosity to learn more and adopt the lifestyle of our ancestors.

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    • shelby on July 3, 2017 at 7:08 pm
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    Hi! My husband have been “Paleo” for a couple of years now and although it was hard at first we have found it to be absolutely worth it and honestly not that hindering once you get adjusted. We have both noticed having more energy and less susceptible to getting sick. I recommend the paleo diet to all of my friends who ask me about my lifestyle change.

    1. thank you so much for your comments, greatly appreciated.

    • Jeremy on July 3, 2017 at 7:08 pm
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    Loved your comment about just simply ‘going back to the basics.’ People try to use different advertised products that are just not good for the body unfortunately. If all comes down to your mental health, your activity, and what you eat. I like your approach to exercise, making sure that you pick something you enjoy to do. Great advice and thanks for posting this!

    1. Thank you for your input, greatly appreciated.

    • Barb on July 10, 2017 at 3:50 pm
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    Hi! I’m so glad that I came across your site.

    I was actually looking into started the Paleo diet if this is in fact the same thing that you are talking about. I noticed in the food section that you don’t mention eating grains. Are grains bad to eat? Are they not healthy?

    1. Hi Barb:

      To answer your question grains are not as healthy as conventional wisdom has lead us to believe.  Grains  are mostly comprised of three components: Bran (fiber), Germ (oil), and Endosperm (starch).  In addition Grains are also high on Anti-Nutrients, these include: Lectins, Gluten, and Phytates which are all harmful to your health. My answer is unequivocally, undeniably no. We do not need grains to survive, let alone thrive. In fact, they are naturally selected to ward off pests, whether they be insects or hominids. So if pests won’t eat them why should we.

    • Veronica on July 15, 2017 at 12:27 am
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    I like the focus on all three elements: diet, exercise, and mindfulness.

    It’s interesting, but if I’m not eating healthy foods, I’m more inclined not to exercise; I really find it difficult to do one without the other. I’ve learned – the hard way of course – that doing any sort of exercise that I don’t enjoy, is just as bad as not doing any at all.

    I like how the primal lifestyle incorporates mindfulness with the other two elements, recognizing that the health of one, is dependent on the health of the other two.

    1. Hi Veronica: You are so right, the human body is such an awesome mechanism that it needs all three elements to be considered Healthy and in shape. You need to eat right, exercise right, and have the proper mindset in order to succeed and have a healthier, happier and productive long live.

    • Jim on July 15, 2017 at 12:35 am
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    I made the decision years ago to forgo fast foods, processed foods, and other types of junk foods. And, it has actually made me feel younger and more energetic taking into my body only the natural foods that nature supplies such as meat, fish, greens, veggies, and seeds.

    I really do not exercise as much as I probably should. But, I walk a few miles several times a week in addition to my yard and gardening tasks.

    Up until now, I would have equated “Primal-Paleo” to cavemen of the Paleolithic period of history. But, it seems right to connect it to my lifestyle since I suppose I eat like a caveman!

    Great article, Primo! I also visited your tuna cakes recipe page and I am definitely going to give it a try!


    1. Hi Jim: I am so glad you are enjoying my site and gathering useful information from it.  Thank you for your input.

    • Eric on July 15, 2017 at 5:41 am
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    I am interested in this diet, however even after reading the paleo lifestyle I have the image in my mind of a diet, “fruits, nuts, vegetables” that is hard on the stomach for someone who like myself that has the DNA of parents and grandparents who have had intestinal problems (pouches in the intestines that catch seeds and become irritated). I would like to avoid any problems associated with hypoglycemia though I am not overweight (I have tested high on my surgar once before). I have seen the benefits of weight loss with people I know that have gone on the paleo diet, so I know it can be effective for this. Could you advise me on wether this diet or parts of this diet might be helpful to me? I have already started to cut down on processed sugar and I am starting to feel an improvement in my body strength.

    Thank you, Eric

    1. Hi Eric: Thank you for your feedback. To answer your question, yes you can enjoy the Paleo Diet even if you are prone to Diverticulitis which is the name of the intestinal condition you described. One of the key concepts of this lifestyle is that you are capable of reprograming your genes.  Genes in simple terms have what you might call an on/off switch that is triggered by environmental circumstances like the way you eat, how you eat, how you exercise, etc., etc.. By changing the way you do these things you can turn off those predispositioned genes without having to suffer from that condition.  If you already suffer from these Diverticulitis Attacks then you can consume salad greens, celery, radicchio, and any vegetable from the cabbage family.  Also you should be taking Probiotics since the attacks will deplete you from the healthy bacteria in your gut.

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